My mural arts exhibition idea for the Moco Museum

I have a cool idea is to curate a mural arts exhibition at the Moco Museum which is an excellent museum Amsterdam. My idea is to get a group of mural artists to create a series of murals with a unique theme. The themes that I was thinking of were either sexual harassment or racism or both. I think these themes are both very important and they are also issues that people are more concerned about these days because of the recent events and also international debates that have formed around these issues in recent months. Another interesting subject could also be something related to the corona (Covid-19) virus. But I myself am more interested in curating an exhibition about the first two subjects because these are issues that have been under-reported for so many years. And I think that it is important for the arts community to also add their voice to this conversation.

Moco Museum is a great place to express feelings through art

We don't even necessarily have to stick to a very strict framework. At first I was thinking of making an exhibition with the works of 5 artists around a specific theme like the ones I mentioned above. But we could even expand the scope of the exhibition and invite more talented mural artists to work around a broader theme of civil and social protests in general. I think this is something that muralists will definitely get on board with and be enthusiastic about participating in. It will also be a great opportunity for the Moco Museum to play its societal role and be a voice for the voiceless. I think being socially responsible is very important for any museum. And I think such an exhibition would totally match the mission and vision of this museum.

It could be an outdoors event

Of course it does not have to be in a confined space. After all this is a mural exhibition that we're talking about. So one thing that we could do is have the museum sponsor the exhibition and carry out the exhibition on city walls or even billboards. But this event will be affiliated with the museum. Obviously in order to do such a thing we would have to coordinate with the municipality and other related organizations. We don't even necessarily have to stick to a very strict framework.